Starting new work for Ladies of the Midden Kiln Exhibition


More work influenced by Shillito’s research. A potential Lady for the LotMK exhibition in July in association with Archeology Scotland.

This exhibition will be focusing purely on the Orcadian site, and rather than recreating statuettes found on the site, I will be creating figures of my own design – still fired in the Neolithic Kiln, using animal dung – but in this exhibition I will be looking into the microscopic traces left in the midden by our Neolithic ancestors. I have previously posted images from Shillito’s midden slides, my initial aim was to screen print with them but upon deciding they didn’t need tampering with I used them in collage instead. For this project I will be incorporating the pattens found in the slides of fossilised ash into the ceramics themselves.

More Neolithic Ladies for the Kiln



The 2 figures above are adaptations of The Seated Lady, a statuette found of the Çatalhöyük site in Turkey. Believed to be of the Mother Goddess with sagging post-pregnancy stomach and breast.


The piece is based of statuettes found on Orcadian dig sites, the pattern engraved into her is Grooved Ware, it is the pattern found on British neolithic pottery, originating from Orkney.

Trail firing


Spent the weekend building my Neolithic Kin.

Once the kiln was built I set a bonfire, let it burn until it was reduced to embers, placed my imitation Grooved Ware in the pit and filled with horse dung.

As it was a first attempt I didn’t make it very large and it only burnt for a couple of hours, but I am more than pleased with the results!